Saturday, December 6, 2008

Player Anatomy: S William Moore, Missouri

For the second straight season, safety William Moore is a key cog to a Missouri team that advances to the Big 12 Championship game. His 79 tackles are third on the team and while his interceptions are down (one), Moore is still very active with 5.5 tackles for a loss and two forced fumbles.

Character / Leadership Ability: Moore emerged in 2007 as the team leader on defense. Playing next to senior starter Pig Brown, Moore was considered to be the second threat at safety coming into the season. He quickly impressed coaches and scouts with his play and leadership.

Competitive Nature / Work Ethic: He is a warrior on the field. Moore is hard-hitting and aggressive, he doesn't shy away from contact or big situations. His work ethic will not be an issue.

Football Intelligence: Moore is a smart player and the captain of the secondary. He reads the offense well pre-snap and he has excellent on-field vision.

Size: Possesses ideal size, good height and length. He also has big hands, excellent bulk and a muscular build.

Athletic Ability:
Shows good quickness and leaping ability. He’s naturally strong and aggressive. Moore is also very agile and able to change direction well.

Toughness / Durability:
He’s a tough player, able to play through minor injuries and has not been prone to any major injuries in his career.

Has been timed in practice at 4.42, which puts him in an elite category. Moore could easily run a 4.4 flat with training. He has great on-field speed and plays as fast as he’s timed.

Agility: Agile. Can plant and change quickly.

Body Control: Tracks the ball well, showing good balance in his backpedal.

Instincts / Recognition: Sees the ball well and reacts quickly. Uses speed to close on the ball. Plays a good centerfield and can read the quarterback. He has very good natural instincts and a feel for the play.

Takes a good angle coming up to the ball and plays at full speed, which can result in over-running the ball at times. He doesn't always take the best angle. Gets caught up in traffic at times, but is usually knifing through the offense to make a big hit.

He needs to wrap up more, as he often tries for high hits without using his arms. He uses his shoulder more than he needs to — he’s strong enough to be a dominant tackler.

Ball Skills:
Is a playmaker, always around the ball. Sees the ball well in the air and has the speed and jumping ability to go get the pigskin.

Pass Coverage: Excels in zone cover. Has not been matched up in man cover much thus far.

Run Support: Has been moved more into the box in 2008 to support the run. He’s shown that he can take on blocks and shed, but is still learning how to read the offensive line. Is a willing and strong tackler in the box.

Photo Credit: Mizzou Media Relations