Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Player Anatomy: S Louis Delmas, Western Michigan


Delmas has been starting in Western Michigan’s secondary since the second he stepped on the field as a freshman. His experience matching up against pass-oriented teams throughout the Mid-American Conference cannot be understated. A do-it-all player, Delmas is a high character guy who could fly up draft boards.

Character / Leadership Ability:
Was named a team captain heading into the 2007 season. Is an outspoken leader who challenges his teammates to perform at their highest level. Delmas suffered through a tough childhood but has developed a rock-solid character over the years.

Competitive Nature / Work Ethic: He possesses a non-stop motor and rarely looks winded on the field. He works hard to help his teammates and to better himself as a player.

Football Intelligence: Delmas needs to do a better job when it comes to his pre-snap reads. He’s a smart player on the field and makes sure his teammates are in the correct position. He understands how to make in-game adjustments.

Size: Delmas possesses average size and needs to bulk up, but has the frame to do so relatively easily. He looks slender, especially in the legs.

Athletic Ability: He has a very good vertical leap and is in ideal physical condition. Delmas needs to add both upper and lower body strength but may be able to get by on athletic ability alone as he transitions to the pro game.

Toughness / Durability: Tougher than most other safeties at his size, Delmas could be prone to nagging injuries down the line, but has shown that he’ll fight through them on the field.

Speed: Should time fairly well but plays even faster on the field. Has excellent closing speed and covers ground in a hurry.

Delmas possesses quick feet and a great change of direction ability. He gets low to the ground on his cuts and is hard to contain if he’s got the ball in his hands.

Body Control:
He looks very fluid in his back peddle but doesn’t always leave his feet when he should—he could stand to improve on going up and fighting for the ball at it’s highest point.

Instincts / Recognition: Seems to know where the ball is at all times, and is rarely out of position. Reacts well to running plays but has a tendency to over-pursue at times.

Pursuit: He takes very good angles and can catch up to ball carriers with ease. Is a reliable last line of defense, and rarely gets beat in a footrace.

Tackling: He’s a smart tackler who will usually go for the sure takedown rather than a big hit. He prefers to go low on ball carriers but is not afraid to get physical to make a play. Delmas was one of the most productive tacklers the MAC has seen in recent years.

Ball Skills: The WMU product has a nose for the ball that not many other safeties can match. He’s a playmaker in every sense of the word, regularly making game changing tackles, hauling in interceptions or forcing fumbles. He is a relentless ball seeker.

Pass Coverage:
Delmas can play zone- or a man-coverage, but has cover skills similar to a cornerback. He could flourish in man coverage at the next level due to his ability to cover the entire field.

Run Support:
Has all the tools but still doesn’t excel in this area. He adjusts to the run well and puts himself in a good position but needs to get stronger to stop the run at the next level.

Photo Credit: GS Photo