Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Q & A: Charles Scott, LSU

CFI: Following a National Championship, how disappointing is going 7-5?

Of course in the past seasons we have been ranked top five, in the BCS and all the good things. We came out this year and weren't as consistent as we should have been and it showed. Teams made us pay when we made mistakes. That's why we are here now. That's why we are in the position were in at 7-5. It's pretty disappointing but we'll take it and we'll live with it.

CFI: Tells us why LSU will be up for this game.

SCOTT: We are coming to play. We had a pretty disappointing season but we still have pride and we still think we're a pretty good football team. We're not going to show up flat at all. It's going to be a challenge, everyone knows it's going to be a challenge and we are going to be ready to step up to the plate and face that challenge. Georgia Tech has a great offense, a good defense and a good team. Like I said, we're going to step up to the plate.

CFI: Being a big back do you crave contact?

SCOTT: Oh yeah. I love contact…I love it. I am a power back, (but) I have a little speed too…I'm not the slowest guy in the world but definitely not the fastest.

CFI: How good is your fullback, Quinn Johnson?

SCOTT: He is one of the key pieces. I can't even explain how important he is. I love him to death. Between him and the offensive linemen I don't know who to congratulate first because Johnson devastates linebackers. I don't think linebackers want to play by the end of the second quarter, not the third, but the second. Every yard I gain and every accomplishment I give credit to him and my offensive line because they played phenomenal this season. Every game I had holes, all I had to do was find them. They made it easy for me.

You've seen some of the top defenses in the country, which one stood out the most?

I would have to say Florida. Florida's defense just stood out to me the most because they were flying around. I would say they were the only defense that just killed us. I mean, they had our number…there was nothing we could do. I think they are the best defense in that nation and that's why they’re in the championship.

CFI: Which player?

SCOTT: I would say Jermaine Cunningham, defensive end…of course B-Spikes. I would say those are the two that stand out the most.

CFI: Will you root for SEC schools in the bowl?

SCOTT: Oh yeah. Especially Florida, I'm going to be pulling for Florida, Georgia, Alabama, I'm going to be pulling for all of them. I wish them well. I know a few guys on the team so of course I'm going to wish them well.

What can you tell us about Georgia Tech?

SCOTT: We have pretty much broken them down. I would say their strength is the D-Line. They got a solid front. Those guys go all out, they play hard and they’ve got motors. We're going to have to come up and take the line of scrimmage with our big offensive line and see if we can get it in the secondary a little bit.