Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big Ten - Just For Kicks


Honorable Mention: Michigan vs. Utah (opening day) –
It was indeed a woeful season for Michigan, but who would have known that 1) Utah would be BCS-bound and 2) the Wolverines’ season could have had a dramatically different outcome (OK, at least four wins) if Utah’s Louie Sakoda didn’t blast four field goals from 28, 43, 41 and 53 (the eventual game winner). As if that wasn’t enough, Sakoda moonlighted by placing punt after punt deep in Michigan territory averaging 40 yards a boot.

3. Illinois vs. Iowa: Iowa made the game interesting by clawing back with two touchdowns late in the fourth. Then Juice Williams led his offense down field, setting up a 46-yard game-winning field goal attempt for Matt Eller, which he nailed for the win.

2. Michigan State vs. Wisconsin:
Michigan State’s Brett Swenson saved the day in a mid-season clash with the Badgers, hammering home a 44-yarder as time expired to finish the Spartans’ fourth-quarter comeback.

1. Iowa vs. Penn State:
The shot heard ‘round the world, or more likely, mostly in Happy Valley and some BCS computer microprocessors. Freshman Daniel Murray took down the mighty Lions from 31 yards out in 31-mph winds -- Penn State’s only loss. Iowa, baby…Iowa.

Tomorrow: Best Turnarounds/Surprises

Photo Credit: College Press Box (Utah)