Saturday, December 20, 2008

Q & A: Aaron Curry, Wake Forest

CFI: What does it mean to win the Butkus Award and beat out all those great linebackers?

CURRY: For me the most pleasure is not beating out the other great linebackers, it's knowing that Wake Forest is being recognized on a national level. Wake Forest has players that are just as good as any other players in the country.

CFI: What was it like to meet Mr. Butkus himself?

CURRY: It was a great experience to be a linebacker and to meet arguably the best linebacker to ever play the game, a guy that all linebackers model their game after was great. I was in shock when I first met him and the most amazing thing was he still had that fear factor about him. When you see him he gives you that feeling that he's violent and could rip my head off. He was just a great person to talk to…it was amazing to talk to him. We talked a little about everything…we talked about football, life off the field, his “I Play Right Organization” to help raise awareness of the dangers of steroids for high schoolers. He presented a lot of interesting stats that were mind boggling. He said that he liked my style on film, and I saw some clips of him on YouTube and we talked about how the game is different now and then.

Any doubt Butkus could have played today?

CURRY: He definitely could have played but maybe he would have seen more fines than he used to.

CFI: Would you have liked to play in a more no holds barred era?

Oh yeah. The game would be a lot easier if it was a no holds barred game like it was back in the past. But I think a lot of us on defense have learned to adjust to when you can and can't hit the quarterback, whether a player is defenseless or not. The best thing is to go out there and fly around and hit people, if you get a flag then so be it.

You grew up a North Carolina fan, but you’re a Demon Deacon, who do you root for on the hardwood?

I think at heart I would be Carolina blue but I would have on some Wake paraphernalia. I don't know who I would cheer for though, I would probably try not to cheer for any team just look at the game from the outside-in and be a spectator.

CFI: So you go with the heart?

CURRY: Right, that's the one thing you can't control. Just being around Carolina all my life it has really taken over my heart. I go to Wake and I have always liked the basketball players and they know I'm a Carolina basketball fan and they give me mess about it all the time, they're all always giving me junk about converting me into a Wake Forest basketball fan. Every time they see me they've always got something to say to me about being a Carolina fan.

CFI: What can you tell us about the Navy option…

CURRY: I can tell you that the option is very hard to stop. No matter what you do, if the offense is executing and the defense isn't executing then it's going to be a long game for the defense. We feel we have to execute as well as they execute, and make this game go down to the wire. We want to be just as disciplined as they are. Going over the offense, we're trying to get used to how they’re doing things and where they’re going with the ball and watching the game film from past games and the game from last year, and we're just picking up from all of our mistakes. We're just making sure everyone takes care of their responsibility.

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy: Brian Westerholt of Sports on Film (Wake Fores University)