Wednesday, December 10, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: 3rd Annual All-Star Challenge

El Paso, TX -- The evaluation and selection process for this year's 3rd annual Texas vs. the Nation All-Star Challenge has continued to grow and be enhanced by our developing relationship with the NFL, NCAA institutions and the great progress our game has made in just a short two-year period of time.

Last year alone 102 players received opportunities to participate in NFL training camps, so our goals for the 2009 contest to eclipse that number and find even more prospects earn roster spots next summer.

To that end if a Texas college or Texas born-and-raised athlete does not have the same type of NFL grade that someone in the region (Midwest/West) has acquired as of the final date of our evaluation process the highest rated or graded prospect on our player board will be rewarded the position.

The intent of the game will always remain the same, although the balance of keeping the contest competitive and increasing the overall talent level of the game are also our priority so that the city of El Paso can be proud of the game they are hosting.

Head Coach Gene Stallings will once again command the Texas team, while former NFL and highly-successful college head coach Howard Schellenberger, the current head coach at Florida Atlantic and himself a former disciple of the Bear Bryant coaching tree will head up the Nation squad.

Our rosters are coming together quickly with a number of All-Americans, top-rated prospects and players that will be on BCS Bowl game participants already signed up.
The game week will begin on Sunday, January 25th as players, scouts, coaches and media arrive at our new headquarters, the Camino Real Hotel in downtown El Paso. CBS College Sports Television will air the game live on the afternoon of Saturday, January 31st.

Please stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks. All invited players are reminded to update or approve your current travel arrangements with Bret Phillips at