Thursday, October 2, 2008

Player Spotlight: QB Chase Daniel, Missouri


Character / Leadership Ability: Is a high character player with good leadership skills. Is easy-going and laid back. Players look to him for an example to follow. He is the unquestioned leader of the team.

Competitive Nature / Work Ethic:
Daniel has proven to be a very hard worker during this time at Mizzou. He's absorbed the playbook and works hard in the weight room. He's a natural competitor, but will not show much negative emotion on the field.

Football Intelligence: A smart quarterback who is operating a very complex offense; he knows the game inside and out.

Size: Slightly under 6' tall. Good bulk.

Athletic Ability: People tend to forget that he is a dangerous runner. He is more athletic and agile than he’s given credit for. Daniel can move in the open field and has shown some natural strength.

Toughness / Durability:
Has not missed a start in three years. Toughness is not a problem.

Specific Traits – Quarterback</span>

Accuracy: He’s been very accurate in a spread-timing based offense and is a career 66.3 percent passer. The majority of his throws are under 15 yards, which helps. Stats are padded due to crosses and screens. Does not show good downfield accuracy—at times, his passes can float on deep balls.

Arm Strength: Is not a down-field passer. Arm strength is untested, but doesn't show much potential here.

Decision Making: Will look down a receiver for too long at times, as well as locking into his reads. He appears to have one primary and at most two check-downs on each play. The Tigers’ reads and audibles are pre-determined on every play.

Field Vision: Does not look downfield often enough. First read is generally a slant-cross or screen pass. He'll then check down to a tight end. The Tigers do not ask Daniel to read the field pre-snap; the coaching staff does this and signals in an audible if necessary.

Good, fluid motion…throws well on the run. He does an excellent job of getting his shoulders square. He has a compact motion with a clean release.

Mobility: Daniel is mobile and can hurt teams outside the pocket. Has better vision than speed. Is able to pick up yards on designed options and carries.

Pocket Awareness: Plays in a shotgun system 100 percent of the time, so he is never asked to drop back. The Tigers have their quarterback line up as deep as any quarterback in the country. Daniel will move up in the pocket, but also holds the ball far too long. Generally starts out six yards behind center and moves up right before throwing.

Photo Credit: Mizzou Media Relations