Saturday, October 25, 2008

Q & A: Zac Robinson, Oklahoma St.

Zac Robinson leads the sixth ranked Oklahoma St. Cowboys (7-0, 3-0) into Austin this Saturday to take on the top ranked Texas Longhorns. Robinson has completed 94-of-134 passes (70.1 percent) for 1,488 yards and 14 touchdowns (four interceptions). The Oklahoma native can also run, adding 249 yards and five touchdowns on the ground for the Pokes.

CFI: Tell us about the response you got in Stillwater when you came home from that upset of No. 3 Missouri.

ROBINSON: It was a lot of fun. We got home at around two o’clock in the morning and there was a bunch of fans at the airport waiting for us. We celebrated that win and there was a lot of buzz on campus with the students and the fans. It was a great win for the program and a lot of fun for the fans.

CFI: You took care of a much-improved Baylor team rather easily, how did you guys do that and put the Missouri win behind you and at the same time avoid looking ahead to Texas?

ROBINSON: We just prepared and had a good week at practice like we always do and just tried to forget about the game as quickly as we could and worry about Baylor. We knew if we weren’t careful Baylor could come in and sneak up on us. We focused on just Baylor and didn’t really do anything other than just prepare hard and went out and played.

CFI: Talk about the emergence of Kendall Hunter as the number one tailback.

ROBINSON: We knew last season when he played a little bit that he was going to be a really good player. Obviously he is going to get more carries this year and that offensive line is blocking great. He is a great player and some of the cuts that he makes and moves in the open field are incredible. I’m just glad I got him back in the backfield with me and hopefully he can just keep making plays for us.

CFI: Talk about the chemistry you have developed with sophomore wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Dez and me have always had great chemistry ever since he’s been here. I tried to take him under my wing when he was a true freshman and I was just a back-up and I knew he was going to be a great. He had the talent. It was just a matter of making the plays and getting comfortable with the offense. I tried to teach him some different things and how to remember stuff and things like that. Our relationship has grown since then, he is a great player and there is always somewhere I can go to the ball because he is going to make the play.

CFI: How about senior tight end Brandon Pettigrew? Is he looking healthier and do you expect to see more from him as the season goes on?

ROBINSON: Brandon is finally getting back to one hundred percent and I expect him to be for next week. We have done a good job with adjusting; the coaches have done a good job with the personnel and adjusting. With Brandon back in the game plan and putting things in for him, it changes our offense dramatically. He obviously is a great player with the ball in his hands but what makes him even better is his blocking ability and what he does for us in the running game. Having him back not only as a pass catcher but run blocking is going to be great for us. Hopefully we can just get better as an offense with him in the lineup.

CFI: Tell us about your development as a quarterback. You have improved significantly as a passer since your freshman season.

ROBINSON: A lot of it is just experience and getting more comfortable with the offense. I have always felt comfortable with the offense as a
red-shirt freshman but the game experience is all that matters. As games have gone on I have felt more comfortable. I have improved and I feel good as a passer. We’re completing a lot of deep throws and we have a lot of guys that can make plays.