Saturday, October 25, 2008

Player Anatomy: Malcolm Jenkins, OSU

Malcolm Jenkins is a prototypical lockdown cover corner, capable of defending the opposing team’s top target anywhere on the field. He has all the measurables—size, speed, length and quickness. According to the Buckeyes’ spring guide, Jenkins has been timed at 4.3 in the 40-yard dash. The Piscataway, NJ native has improved as a run stopper throughout his career and has proven durable. He has good hands and is a playmaker in the defensive backfield.

Character / Leadership Ability: A high-character guy who is a vocal leader and backs it up with his play.

Competitive Nature / Work Ethic: Doesn't like to lose; returns for his senior season to win a championship. Puts time in the film room and works hard in practice.

Football Intelligence:
An intelligent football guy who has the instincts to read and react to a play. Has a 3.5 GPA in college and is extremely smart.

Size: Has very good size. Is tall enough to play against bigger receivers and is quick enough to play against smaller ones.

Athletic Ability: Physically gifted. Has the speed to cover receivers while playing man and can make the big hit against running backs.

Toughness / Durability: A very tough player who rarely misses games. Will play through minor injuries and is always on the field.

Speed: Has excellent speed and quickness. Has 4.4 speed and can run with anybody in football.

Agility: Is a very agile player who can play either corner or safety. Has good footwork and can change direction effortlessly.

Body Control: Very good at adjusting to the ball in the air. Can reach around the receiver and knock it away. Good body control.

Instincts / Recognition: Shows very good recognition of plays. Will come off his man to help out and make a play. Reads the quarterback well.

Pursuit: Jenkins can cover a lot of ground. He never gives up on a play and will come from across the field to make a tackle.

Tackling: Is a very good open field tackler and shows good form. Not afraid to come up and make a big hit.

Ball Skills: Teams tend to throw the ball away from Jenkins’ side, but when it comes his way he does a good job of catching the ball with his hands and not letting it get into his body.

Man Coverage / Turning Ability: Has very good man to man coverage skills. Can turn and run with the receiver. One of the few shutdown corners in college football.

Zone Coverage: When Jenkins is in zone coverage while playing safety, he tends to get locked in on the quarterback and sometimes is a little slow to get over and help with the deep ball.