Saturday, January 10, 2009

Player Diary: Jason Boltus, Hartwick

By JASON BOLTUS (as told to Josh Buchanan)

I have been working out with Antone Smith, Greg Carr, a couple receivers from Georgia, one from Gardner-Webb, a transfer from Ohio State that went to a FCS school, a DB from Youngstown State, UMASS, and Akron. There is also a receiver from Vanderbilt and Urbana Ohio as well. There are linemen from USC, LSU, Georgia, Tennessee, Purdue, Clark Atlanta, and a bunch of schools.

I got down here at WPI in Atlanta two weeks ago. I have been working on stretching and technique in the 40-yard dash, pro agility, and the 3-cone drill. I am training with the receivers and defensive backs. I am able to keep up with them well, so that is good. They are pushing me too so I will get better.

We have been throwing with receivers here to get ready for the Texas vs. Nation game. I am real excited about that and I feel I can improve my stock with a good game. It gives people a chance to look at me against a higher level from D3. I have been working hard.

I have a combine invite and I am real excited about that. It gives me a chance to workout in front of several scouts from all 32 NFL teams and interview with them. I will get to compete with the best of the best and that is all I really want.

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craig said...

I was at WPI yesterday with my daughter (soccer training) and was fortunate to meet and speak with Jason. He seems like a really nice guy and wish him the best of luck!!