Sunday, January 18, 2009

Exclusive: Draft Journal - Rashad Jennings, RB

Jan. 17th

Dear Journal,

First of all, let me start off by giving a big shout out to all of my fans and supporters. Your support and prayers are very much appreciated. What a pleasure it truly is to share my journey with you.

While waking up this morning, I was provoked by a thought. “Am I dreaming?” Pondering on that thought, I dozed off. Suddenly, I was startled by a loud noise. Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm clock went off for a second time. As I rolled out of the bed, I headed straight to the bathroom to prepare for my day. While in the shower, I had the thought again. “Am I dreaming?” As I begin to brush my teeth at the bathroom sink, I looked into the mirror and there I stood captured in the moment. I finally understood what my big brothers were trying to get me to see.

As a kid growing up in the shadow of my brothers footsteps, both being star football players; they would always encourage me and say, “Rashad, stop dreaming and live the dream.” It’s funny. I did not fully understand what they were saying at that time. I would just nod my head in agreement and smile with a confident yes; however, I had no clue as to what they were saying. It was very obvious to me what it meant to dream and set goals, but to live the dream confused me. I have grappled and questioned it for years. “How could someone live something that they have not yet experienced?” Interestingly enough, this morning it hit me clear as day. I finally realized, “I am not dreaming … I am actually living a dream.”

As I think about it, it’s really simple. Those who have learned to live the dream see themselves where others only dare to dream. They live life looking from the perspective as though they are already experiencing the dream. This mindset helps to focus on one’s decisions. I once heard a wise man say, “An individual has more to lose in life if they view themselves as having already attained than do those trying to gain.” These life lessons have tremendously opened my eyes and definitely have prepared me for the future.

Butch and Bryan (my older brothers), thanks for all your tough love, advice, and encouragement. I now understand that both of you did not want me to settle on the premise of just dreaming as so many people do, but your foresight and concept of “Live the Dream,” has changed my life. Love you both!

I look forward to staying in touch with everyone over the next several weeks leading up to the 2009 NFL Draft. Next week, I will elaborate on the grueling process I went through to select my agent, Adisa Bakari, out of Washington, D.C. with one of the top Law Firms in Country, DowLohnes.

Also, I will be leaving for the Senior Bowl this week. Please pray for my success as I partake in my first NFL interview.

God bless!

Rashad Jennings, RB – Liberty Univerersity
“If you believe, all things are possible, to him who believes”
Mark 9:23