Friday, January 9, 2009


Georgia QB Matthew Stafford and RB Knowshon Moreno confirmed at a 3PM press conference Wednesday that they will enter the 2009 draft.

Ross Mandel's Take: Stafford sees what everyone else sees--a very weak QB draft class. He's striking while the iron is hot. He played very well in his bowl game, much better than Moreno. Both of these now former Bulldogs will hear their names called early in round one. Stafford could very well hear his called first overall. Talk to me Rev, Stafford or Bradford?

Ralph Mancini's Take: Honestly, Ross man, I like both of them very much. But when you strip down both players and examine their raw skills, Stafford clearly has the better arm. He can also put good touch on his throws when he needs to. An overlooked trait that's rarely talked about in quarterbacks is their ability to throw a catchable ball. The Georgia Bulldog can certainly do that if he's afforded the proper protection by his offensive line, which has often not been the case this season and has led to some ill-advised passes on the part of Stafford.

Photo Credit: SEC Sports Media