Sunday, January 18, 2009

Exclusive: Draft Journal II - Roger Allen, OG

Jan. 17th

Dear Journal,

With the Texas vs. the Nation game drawing closer we have been focusing more on position specific drills.

I finally met the position coach I am working with. His name is Don Lawrence and he coached with the Bills line and in NFL Europe as a head coach and position coach there. He has been working with us on pulls and down blocks as well as drive blocks. Just giving us the added tidbits you might hear from an NFL coach but you wouldn't hear in college. We have been able to work on some of the drills we would be doing at the combine so we are preparing for all of that. I am just trying to get as much of a leg up as I can on my competitors and elevate myself to a high draft status. I am excited for this game to come up and I am looking forward to competing and going against the best.

My fellow players from XAM all are going to the Texas vs. the Nation game. There is a linebacker from Notre Dame (Maurice Crum) and offensive tackle from Penn State (Gerald Cadogan) and we are all going. Over these couple weeks we have gotten close so I am excited to play with these guys.

I am looking forward to competing and I found out this is the only bowl game that has a ring. I am hoping to come away with one of those to add to my collection.

Talk to you next week for my Texas vs. the Nation Daily Diary

Roger Allen, OG, Missouri Western