Sunday, January 18, 2009

Exclusive: Draft Journal II - Jason Boltus, QB

Jan. 17th

Dear Journal,

Training started this week the same as last week, but the intensity went up a little bit. We are getting new players week by week. New challenges everyday with the workouts and I feel I will be better prepared for the all-star game and combine. I am trying to get better everyday and get my timing down with the faster receivers so it won’t be such an adjustment going to the Texas vs. the Nation game.

We have mostly been working on flexibility to prevent injuries and on explosiveness because it helps you throw the ball better and have your feet under you. With the routes, I have been getting used to the speed of the receivers and timing on the comebacks and sideline routes. It has definitely been beneficial.

I leave Sunday for the Texas vs. the Nation game and hope to have a good week of practice.

Talk to you next week!


Jason Boltus, QB, Hartwick