Monday, January 12, 2009

Decision Time: RB Chris "Beanie" Wells, Ohio St.


Why Wells made the right decision to come out:

1. Durability Question –
Wells’ durability question is in question as it stands now. What happens if Wells goes down again next year for a few weeks? The benefits of staying in college one more year are trumped by the potential of losing millions of dollars should he fall out of the first round due to injury concerns.

2. Already a First-round projection – Say what you will about leaving college early and not finishing your degree, but how many opportunities does one have to make millions for doing what they love? You can always go back to college, but you can’t undo a career-altering injury.

3. The keys of the offense are in Pryor’s hands…in the spread – Unfortunately for Wells, the emergence of dual-threat freshman quarterback Terrelle Pryor has shifted the playbook to a more open set, shotgun, or plays for Pryor to make with his legs. Wells would be much more successful running out of the eye – is Todd Boeckmann qualifying for his seventh year?

Sears' Take:
Wells has already declared for the NFL draft and rightfully so. He has three years of mileage on his treads at a position where maybe less is more. He is a proven, tough commodity, who already slots into a pro-style offense. A sure fire first round pick has little to prove at the college level and even less in terms of room to improve his draft stock.

Photo Credit: Collegiate Images