Friday, November 7, 2008

Q & A: Matthew Stafford, Georgia

CFI: What happened on Saturday against the Gators?

STAFFORD: They just did a great job of coming out and doing what they had to do. We shot ourselves in the foot early on and they took advantage and come away with the win.

CFI: What does it mean to be a Davey O’Brien Semifinalist?

STAFFORD: It’s awesome. It’s a great honor. Every year a great quarterback wins this award and in the past, have gone on to do great things. It’s awesome to be a part of it.

CFI: Like yourself, many of the guys are from Texas. Was there something in the water?

STAFFORD: (Laughs) I guess so. There are a lot of guys from the state of Texas doing really well this year. It’s good to see. It’s fun to watch these guys that I saw play in high school and watch them succeed in the college ranks.

CFI: Do you know any of the guys?

I competed against Graham Harrell. I know Chase Daniel. I know Colt McCoy.

CFI: Are you able to keep in touch with them during the season?

STAFFORD: We talk a little bit during the season, as much as we have time to. We all know how busy it can get, but when we have a little bit of time we stay in touch.

CFI: Talk shop?

How games went. What you thought of other teams and a little bit of off the field stuff too.

CFI: How much fun is it to throw the football with such ease?

STAFFORD: It’s fun. I have a great time playing. It’s something I love doing. I’m just lucky to have a bunch of good guys to throw to, who really work hard at receiver to catch them.

CFI: Tell us about wearing No. 7. Do you wear if for John Elway?

STAFFORD: I was a huge fan of Elway growing up and my dad wore No. 7 when he played in high school. It’s just something that clicked early on and I’ve worn it for a long time.

CFI: How does your arm compares to Elway’s?

I don’t know…he’s a great player. Probably not as good as his…he’s got an unreal arm.

You’ve said any talk of you leaving is premature…

STAFFORD: I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I have to figure that out at the end of the season and make a decision then. Staying in college is definitely an option. It’s something that’s got a lot of appeal. Getting an education, making sure I get my degree, being able to play football for a group of fans you go to school with for another year—there’s a lot of good things about college football and those are some of the things that will be in my though process.

Photo Credit: SEC Sports Media