Sunday, November 16, 2008

Player Anatomy: OT Michael Oher, Ole Miss


Character/Leadership Ability:
He became more of a leader in the spring of 2008. Oher has re-dedicated himself to the weight room and film room.

Competitive Nature/Work Ethic: There are many stories concerning his lack of work ethic in high school, but Oher has taught himself to learn and work hard. There are no issues with his ability and desire to work now.

Football Intelligence:
Oher has always been a quick study on the football field. His game IQ is high, with his ability to pick up assignments and read the defense. He doesn’t commit many penalties and is versatile, having played both guard and tackle.

Size: Great size. He is the ideal offensive tackle – tall with long arms and big hands. He’s lean and doesn’t have a gut or loose fat –- he’s a big bubble with solid legs.

Athletic Ability: Very athletic, surprisingly so. He was a good high school basketball player and moves extremely well for his size.

Toughness/Durability: He is in his third year as a starter for the Rebels, proving to be both tough and durable.

Pass Blocking: Excels coming out of a two-point stance. He has a good stance, with just enough width in his base. Has a quick shuffle and slide step. Will hinge well and gets proper hand placement. He does not hold.

Movement/Space: Moves very well in space and could be used as a pulling blocker. He’s quick for any offensive lineman. Played guard as a true freshman.

Quickness: Runs a solid 4.9 in the 40-yard dash.

Run Blocking: Can dominate with his size. Does a nice job of keeping his pads low and will run through a defender. He also locks up well and looks for the second level.

Strength: Has added 70 pounds to his bench press this off-season, but must continue to add to his natural strength.

Technique: A solid technician, Oher takes proper angles, keeping his head on the inside of the defender and driving his feet through the player. Has a low pad level, with bends at the knees. Has the size to physically dominate.

Photo Credit: SEC Sports Media