Sunday, November 9, 2008

Heisman Watch: JP Wilson Gets Heisman Consideration

Next Level Scouting, Inc. is reporting that according to an anonymous source that votes for the Heisman Trophy his current Top-5 nominees include Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, Texas quarterback Colt McCoy, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford and Missouri wide receiver Jeremy Maclin following all of today's games being played.

The voter admitted that although his stats are no where near that of the quarterbacks named that he has an increasing urge to put Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson into the mix because of his leadership and the fact that he has less-known talent around him than the other QB's mentioned, as well.

Additionally, he explained said that upcoming games between Texas Tech and Oklahoma, as well as Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State and potential SEC and Big-12 Championship games for many of these players are likely to decide his final Heisman vote.

Photo Credit: Texas Tech Athletics