Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heisman Watch


Is there too much of a good thing going on in the Big 12? If the Heisman Trophy were a beauty pageant, then it looks like we have too many candidates with similar features and personalities. At what point do you start getting overwhelmed and looking for something different? While Graham Harrell, Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford have wowed us with their arms – there is only one receiver that deserves to be on this stage.

Graham Harrell feels like a no brainer for the Heisman Trophy, but if you look at the numbers, Harrell actually had a better season last year. In 2007, he threw for over 5,700 yards, but is “only” on pace for 4,900 this season. What makes him the lead candidate is his performance on the big stage. The Texas native followed up his thriller over Texas by throwing six touchdowns against Oklahoma State on prime time. The leader of the Red Raiders has thrown 36 touchdowns and only five interceptions all season. As long as his team is undefeated he will remain the frontrunner. His next test is the biggest of them all.

AHEAD: at Oklahoma (Nov. 22). The winner of this game will most likely represent the Big 12 in the BCS Championship game.

Michael Crabtree is the best wide receiver in the country and is only a sophomore. He is the brunette among the blondes in this pageant. Crabtree was on the receiving end of that Heisman moment we wrote about last week. He has a touchdown in every game this year and followed up his magic moment against Texas, with three scores against Oklahoma State. He gets as much face time as Harrell and far more than anyone at his position. Tim Tebow broke the barrier for sophomores last year…so watch out Big 12 quarterbacks. Crabtree could be the hot pick this season.

AHEAD: at Oklahoma (Nov. 22). While two quarterbacks battle, there will only be one wide receiver that stands out.

Colt McCoy is third because he lost his battle to Harrell. McCoy is completing 78 percent of his passes for 2,879 yards and 28 touchdowns, to only seven interceptions. He threw two first half interceptions last week against Baylor, but made up for it with 300 yards and five touchdowns, as the ‘Horns pulled away.

AHEAD: at Kansas. The Jayhawks gave up 63 points to Texas Tech and 45 to Oklahoma. McCoy should be in for a monster day.

Sam Bradford is also a victim of one “bad game”. Well these guys don’t have bad games; it was more like being out played by McCoy. Since the loss to Texas, Bradford has thrown 15 touchdown passes and only one interception. He gets a chance to climb up the rankings when his Sooners host the Red Raiders in two weeks. A victory would complete a round robin among the top three quarterbacks on the list. If each of the trio finishes with a split, could it leave the door open for possibly a wide receiver?

AHEAD: Texas Tech (Nov. 22). Bradford has more than the Heisman Trophy at stake, as the Sooners look to play themselves back into the BCS picture.

Heisman Watch Prediction
1. Graham Harrell
2. Michael Crabtree
3. Colt McCoy
4. Sam Bradford
5. Tim Tebow
6. Javon Ringer

Photo Credit: Texas Tech Athletics