Thursday, November 20, 2008

Q & A: Max Hall, BYU

CFI: Is it fair that a one loss Mountain West team is considered out of the BCS picture, even if you win the conference?

HALL: Yeah it is a tough road for us and if you look at us right now I think we have three teams in the top 20 from the Mountain West and we have beaten a bunch of Pac-10 teams and teams from other conferences. It’s tough for us because with one loss it kind of limits your chances at a BCS game. Hopefully there’s a day the Mountain West teams can be considered more highly for a BCS game.

CFI: What does it mean to be a BYU quarterback?

HALL: It really is unbelievable. The tradition and the players that have been here before and the support you have from them and where the program is today is unbelievable, so it's a blessing for me to even be in this position right now and to be playing football for BYU, especially playing quarterback. I try to work hard and live up to it the best I can but it’s been an unbelievable ride and getting to talk to some of those guys, the winners of the Davey O’Brien and Heisman Trophy has been a tremendous blessing for me.

CFI: Do you get to talk to any of those guys?

HALL: Every once and a while one will show up to practice, I remember being out there in practice and all of a sudden Marc Wilson is out there. Then another time I walk into the quarterback room for our meeting and Ty Detmer is sitting in there. Just having the chance to talk to them and hear them give you support. It really is a nice to have them around.

CFI: No Jim McMahon walking in with the shades?

HALL: I haven't met Jim yet. I haven't seen Jim McMahon with the shades walking in yet. Hopefully someday I'll get to meet him.

CFI: What’s it like having two weapons like Austin Collie and Dennis Pitta?

HALL: It's awesome because you have to pick your poison with us and who you are going to guard. We also have two great running backs and another great receiver in Mike Reed. There’s a lot of weapons for me on offense, but to have those two guys especially is a big deal for me.

CFI: How do you keep them happy?

HALL: I try to feed them dinner every once and a while. I try to take care of them. I think if I just stay in the system and just run the game like I'm supposed to, the ball just ends up in those guys’ hands and being the big play makers and the key guys on our team, they’re going to make plays and they’re going to have the ball in their hands.

CFI: Who is your favorite “Office” character?

HALL: It's close between Michael and Dwight but I got to say Michael. He is the main character and he is the one that makes me laugh the most.

Photo Credit: Jaren Wilkey/BYU