Saturday, November 8, 2008

Arizona State (1-4, 2-6) @ Washington (0-5, 0-8)


Arizona St. and Washington are suffering through long and painful seasons. The Sun Devils began with high expectations, the Huskies not so much.

Washington has not been able to notch a single win, leading to the ouster of head coach Ty Willingham at the end of the season. It is unlikely that the Huskies will be able to get things going against State this weekend. While quarterback Rudy Carpenter has spent much of the season dodging linebackers and defensive linemen, Washington has not been able to put together much of a pass rush. This may be the one game where Carpenter will come out with nary a grass stain on his jersey and less bruises than he came in with.

Arizona State’s defense should have a better than average day as well against a pretty lackluster offense. Both the pass and run phases of the Huskies’ offense are woeful. This is one game that should give Sun Devil fans something to cheer about, while Washington fans may simply long for a quicker end to the season.

Photo Credit: Collegiate Images