Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top Questions Heading Into The Draft

Written by Justin Van Fulpen

There are many questions that still need to be answered heading into the 2009 NFL Draft here are just a few.

1. What will the Detroit Lions do at number one?

Many people believe that the Lions will draft quarterback Matthew Stafford from Georgia and other think that offensive tackle Jason Smith of Baylor. The interesting thing that no one has brought up is that both Stafford and Smith are represented by the same agency CAA. So when the rumor came up that the Lions where talking to Smith's agent, no one ever said that this was also Stafford's agency as well, so it is not like the Lions can play Stafford against Smith. The Lions have a personal workout with Stafford on March 31st, they have also schedule to spend more time with quarterback Mark Sanchez of USC at his Pro Day on April 1st. The Lions are not sold on one guy, so nothing has changed since the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. The Lions like five guys, Stafford, Sanchez, Smith, offensive tackle Eugene Monroe of Virginia, and linebacker Aaron Curry of Wake Forest. So what will the Lions do at number one, still no one knows.

2. Where does Michael Crabtree go?

Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree was everyone's number one overall prospect going into the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and then it was discovered that he had a stress fracture in his foot. The biggest question on Crabtree was his straight line speed, so he then came out and said he would run the 40 before he had surgery on his foot. When it was all said and done he decided to have the surgery and not run the 40. The question is now where does he end up going in the upcoming NFL Draft. Many thought that he would go number four overall to Seattle, but the Seahawks signed TJ Houshmanzada as a free-agent. He should go between number six and number 10 overall. My guess would be the Oakland Raiders at number seven to pair him up with third year quarterback Jamarcus Russell.

3. Who is the number one overall running back in this year’s class?

Talking with different scouts from different teams you get a lot of different opinions on who teams believe is this year’s number one overall running back. Some teams have Ohio State’s Chris Well number one while other have Georgia’s Knowshon Moreno number one and a few teams have UConn’s Donald Brown as their number one overall running back. It looks as if all three will be first round picks and Pittsburgh’s LeSean McCoy will be a high second round pick. I think you will see Chris Well as the running back that gets drafted first out of all the running backs.

4. How many wide receivers will be drafted in the first round?

After last year where there wasn’t any first round wide receivers. This year I think you can see at most seven, but it looks like their will be four that will be drafted in the first round for sure. Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech, Jeremy Maclin of Missouri, Percy Harvin of Florida, and Darrius Heyward-Bey of Maryland will all go in the first round. You could also see Hakeem Nicks of North Carolina, Kenny Britt of Rutgers and Brian Robiskie of Ohio State all get drafted in the first round as well.

As we get closer to the NFL Draft we will be looking at more of the questions for this years draft.

Photo Credit: SEC Sports Media, OSU Athletics