Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Q&A: Devin Moore, RB, Wyoming

How did your personal combine go?

Moore: It went well I think. I didn’t put up all the numbers that I wanted to, but I think I expressed to the coaches and scouts that I was a competitor and I do have a little talent under my belt and that I am ready for the next level.

You ran 4.38 (40 yd dash), is that correct?

Moore: That was my low number. I think it is going to average out to a 4.41. I’ll play legit on that part, but 4.3 sounds a lot better in my eyes. I am actually planning on participating in Wyoming’s Pro Day and getting that 4.3 just a tad bit lower so I can actually make it official, so to speak.

When is that going to be, Wyoming’s Pro Day?

Moore: March 12th. I am just trying to get my body rested. It was a tough process, just doing all of those drills and going all out on every one of them, it’s a tough process. I’ve never done them all in one day before and my hat’s off to the guys who’ve actually participated in the combine and who’ve actually done well and excelled at those hat’s off to those guys.

Let me ask you about that vertical jump, thirty five inches--are you going to give Nate Robinson a challenge at the slam dunk contest?

Moore: That’s one of the drills that I want to do over. When my strength and conditioning coach heard about it, he was a little upset. It was a source of pride for him, for me to jump high. I am going to try to boost that to maybe a thirty seven, at least, or thirty eight. I think that would look better in the scouts’ eyes. It would also show that I didn’t rest on the thirty five, that I actually strove to get better in these last couple of weeks that I have coming.

Maybe you can get one of your O-linemen to play Dwight Howard and you can jump over them as a kind of target to get up higher.

Moore: (laughs) That would probably work, but I don’t know if the scouts would allow that, but I will tell you, I will have to get it on camera one day, me throwing down a dunk. I think a lot of guys find it pretty impressive. Maybe with a couple of guys I grew up with in the neighborhood trying to throw it down. It’s been a while though, so I will say I’ll probably look a little uncoordinated in the beginning, but once I get back into the rhythm I could show a couple of people.

Speaking of impressive, you also had 27 reps in the bench press. I would think for a running back that would be pretty satisfying...

Moore: It is satisfying as of right now. I am thinking about doing that over as well. My goal was to hit 30. I knew that a lot of guys weren’t going to think I could I could bench press the 225 lbs a lot. Initially I was going to start of with the bench press so I would have more energy. It came at the end of the workout. I hope the scouts paid attention to that, knowing that I was a little exhausted at times and when it came time to bench. That was just the icing on the cake. It was pretty much the last drill. I gave it everything I had. I wish I could have got to 30, but I am very satisfied with 27.

What do you max out at, in regards to the bench press?

Moore: I could probably do 400 (lbs), my strength and conditioning coach, actually I have two of them-Brian Herzog, who was my old coach, he is no longer with the university and Scott Fenick, it started with him my freshman year-those guys they pushed me to strive for 400 pounds, which is a lot being that I am 190 pounds. I have always talked to my brothers; they are actually a little stronger than I am. They always told me it would be a little hard on my back to lift so much weight. I try to stay in that 390-400 (lbs) range. I try not to go over that.

Representatives for what NFL teams were there at your workout? Who did you talk to? How many teams were there?

Moore: I think 14-16 teams were there. It ranged from the Tennessee Titans to the Buccaneers, the Green Bay Packers, and the Colts. There were a lot of teams that hadn't made it up to Wyoming’s Pro Day in the past. We have had some nice athletes that come out of there; I would like to mention a few: Daris Martin, John Windley, Corey Mace and a guy that I have played ball with, Jovon Bouknight. These guys have attracted scouts up there at times, but not very many. It spoke a lot in regards to how scouts view me right now, to have 14 teams come out when they know I am going to be the only one competing. I feel great about it, but I wish I could have put up better numbers, but at the same time I think I am sitting okay. As long as I am in the top 5 range, I think I will be okay.

Which teams did you speak to and what type of questions did they ask you?

Moore: I spoke to every team that came. A lot of guys were asking about the slot position, am I comfortable with that position as a wide receiver, do I feel like I can catch the ball well...I think I proved that at the end of the workout. They ran me through a couple of catching drills; they had me run down the field to catch balls over my shoulders. That was the Titans and the New York Giants, as well as the Green Bay Packers; they were all interested in seeing me catch the ball. Buffalo wanted to see me catch the ball out of the backfield, they said they were impressed with my bench press, my 40 time and the fact that I weighed 190 lbs and I am able to do certain things. The Colts made sure they spoke with me also. I hate that I may miss a team or two but everyone spoke to me. The Panthers called me on the phone. That was a good feeling, to have a guy call you and talk about the workout as far as being there.

Were you asked about your willingness to play special teams?

Moore: That was the first thing I wanted to express. I wanted to show and let the teams know that I am ready to come in right away and play special teams. That is something I am looking at doing. I hear that’s the key for some guys' success. My agent mentioned Chris Johnson, he told me that he was brought in initially to do kickoff returns and things of that nature. He came in and performed so well they had to keep him at running back. They had to let him tear it up on the field as a running back, linebackers couldn’t catch or guard him out of the back field, and safeties couldn’t tackle him one on one, so once he broke through the first level, it was off to the races. I am looking forward to doing special teams for any team that may be interested in me. That means kickoffs, kick returns, punt coverage or punt returns. I will be willing and ready to do anything and give it my everything.

Overall, how successful do you think this gambit of yours was?

Moore: I think it was okay. I am not overly impressed with myself because I have actually done better numbers before. I really wanted my L drill in the area of 6.4 (seconds), I wasn’t near that time. I will try it again when I get to Wyoming. I hope to improve (on the drills), but overall I think I helped myself. The scouts told me I helped myself and all I can do is take that and run with it. I wish the guys who were at the combine good luck and the guys who participated in their pro days, I wish them good luck. Hopefully the cookie crumbles my way, so to speak.

Time for three-and-out...first down...What vacation spot would you like to go to that you haven’t been to?

Moore: Atlantis (Paradise Island, Bahamas)

Second down...What is your dream car?

Moore: The Prowler.

3rd down: What is on your iPod that you might be a little embarrassed to admit?

Moore: Coldplay.

Photo Credit: University of Wyoming Photo Service