Friday, March 20, 2009

Football Friday Show: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM EST

You want linebackers? We got'em! All Access Football Radio brings you Keith Rivers of the Cincinnati Benglas, Clay Matthews Jr. of USC, Northern Illinois Larry English and Tim Jamison of Michigan.

All-Access Football host Rodney Towe, along with analysts Daniel Mogollon and Ralph Mancini bring you the latest news and break down the world of football. With special guests from the coaching community, media and your favorite players each and every week.

Tonight's Special Guests:
* Former Top 10 Pick and Second Year Pro LB KEITH RIVERS of the Cincinnati Bengals
* CLAY MATTHEWS JR. One of the fastest rising players in the 2009 Draft
* Teams looking for pass rushers should be extra attention to LARRY ENGLISH
* TIM JAMISON hopes to follow in the footsteps of LAMARR WOODLEY

* On the Clock: Green Bay Packers
* On the Clock: San Francisco 49ers
* The Linebacker Class of '09: Who's the best Trojan? Best overall? Which guys will fit into a 3-4 scheme? Who are the sleepers?
* We'll take you to school on Linebackers in the NFL as well: Best Linebacker in 2009? Who will emerge from the Class of 2008? And much more...


Note: Show will be available via archive to listen or download 30 minutes after completion.

Photo Credit: USC