Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Player Profile: Oklahoma OT Phil Loadholt

Pros: Loadholt is 6’8, around 335pounds—with that huge frame and overall toughness, he does not shy away from anyone and goes for the pancake every chance he gets. With his huge side kick and long arms, he does a very good job in pass protection against most of the competition he faces. The mountain of a man shows good athleticism for a man of his size. After spending two years playing JUCO, he did not struggle making the transition to the Big XII, turning in two strong years at Norman.

Cons: Loadholt is not very quick and is often beaten by speed rushers he can’t push around. He did not have a strong week at the Senior Bowl practices, as he was constantly outplayed by good defensive ends that were able to get to the edge. Despite his Second Team All-Big XII year as a left tackle, he will likely be moved to the right side on Sundays due to his inability to handle speed rushers. He also does not appear to have a high football IQ and can lose concentration, which often results in penalties. He also has some off-the-field issues, which will cause some concern for NFL teams.

Scouts Take: Loadholt has first-round size and strength but will likely fall to late in the second round, or even to day two because of his struggles against good pass rushers and his immature mindset. He has the potential to succeed as on the right side if he can learn to calm down and stick to his assignments during the game. He could really benefit from good coaching and playing with experienced linemen that can show him what it takes to play at the NFL level. His value is decreased if teams view him purely as right tackle, but he has a ton of upside and could be a second day steal.

Photo Credit: OU Athletics Department