Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Player Profile: LSU S Curtis Taylor

Pros: Taylor has prototypical size for the safety position at 6’2”, 208 pounds—he has good bulk and a chiseled frame. It is very easy to notice Taylor on the field because of his big body and his ability to fly around. He reads and reacts quickly and has good speed to fill on runs. He shows good hands and is capable of making interceptions but more than anything else, NFL teams will be intrigued by Taylor’s ripped upper body and athletic ability—he passes the eye test.

Cons: He can be overly aggressive and relies too much on his strength and athletic ability to make plays. His quick reaction to runs is often overshadowed by his poor angles and inability to break down in the open field. He has the “hard hitter’s” mentality to fill on runs; therefore he is very vulnerable to play action and will give up big plays over the top. While his hands aren’t an issue, he isn’t a huge ball hawk. NFL scouts will not like the fact that he often goes for the big hit rather than making a play on the ball. He missed three games due to injury and when he returned, his playing time was cut due to younger players stepping up during his time injured.

Scout’s Take: Taylor replaced top-ten pick LaRon Landry after the 2006 season. He was a big part of LSU’s fierce National Championship defense. It looked like he had first day potential if he improved his game in a few areas during the 2008 season, but that did not happen as Taylor made mental mistakes and had trouble wrapping up ball carriers. If he cuts down the mental mistakes, he could be a nice addition to a defense. He should fall somewhere late in day two. More than likely he will make a team as a back up and special teams player. He should do very well covering kicks. With some good coaching and his strong work ethic, Taylor could be a day-two steal for the team that selects him.

Photo Credit: SEC Sports Media