Friday, October 5, 2007



1. Andre’ Woodson, QB, Kentucky- Passing: 1,309 YDS, 16 TD, 1 INT, 67 CMP%
Until the Wildcats lose, Woodson will remain the front-runner. He is a big reason why Kentucky is fifth in the nation in scoring and an even bigger reason why they are ranked eighth in both major polls. The next three games are very unkind to Woodson, as they have to travel to South Carolina and then get LSU and Florida at home. If the Wildcats can win two out of three, the path becomes all the more clearer for the 6’5” senior.

2. DeSean Jackson, WR, California- Receiving: 312 YDS, 2 TD / Rushing: 101 YDS, 1 TD/Punt returns: 95 YDS, 1 TD
Truth be told, Jackson probably won’t win the award but he certainly deserves consideration. Playing wide receiver and playing for that “other” Pac-10 team hurt his chances significantly but if the Bears are able to knock off USC on November 10, he may gain a ton of momentum with the voters. Aside from last week vs. Oregon, his numbers don’t wow you but he single-handedly changes the game each time he steps on the field.

3. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida- Passing: 1,297 YDS, 11 TD, 2 INT, 69.7 CMP% / Rushing: 433 YDS, 8 TD
Tebow was probably the favorite before the Gators fell to Auburn but if they are able to right the ship and knock off LSU, he will be right back in the discussion. The guy plays like a tougher Steve Young and while it makes for a great highlight reel, it makes you wonder how his play will hold up come late in the season. He’s staying in the Top 5 for now but a loss this week and he can probably kiss his chances goodbye.

4. Darren McFadden, HB, Arkansas- Rushing: 656 YDS, 6 TD / Passing: 42 YDS, 1 TD / Receiving: 51 YD, 0 TD
McFadden is an interesting test case for the Heisman Trophy. Much like the debate over the MVP in professional sports, the question always looms as to whether or not the award should go to the best player or the most important player on a great team. Arkansas has been anything but great thus far but it is clear to anyone who watches the sport that McFadden is the most talented player in America. If Arkansas can make a repeat appearance in the SEC Championship Game it should help his credentials immensely, but I wouldn’t count on it.

5. Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College- Passing: 1,545 YDS, 11 TD, 5 INT, 61 CMP%
The competition has been anything but stellar but Ryan certainly has been. He has thrown a few more interceptions than you would like but with such a pass reliant offense, it is almost to be expected. The longer that Boston College can remain in the top half of the polls, the longer his name can be learned by those voters who have been asleep at the wheel.

Maybe next week: Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii; Mike Hart, HB, Michigan; Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville