Friday, October 19, 2007



1. Matt Ryan, QB Boston College- Passing: 2,184 YDS, 17 TD, 6 INT, 64 CMP%

Is Matt Ryan the best player in America? Probably not. Much like his Boston College team, Ryan is probably the beneficiary of moving up in the rankings by default. The voters love a winner though and as long as Boston College remains undefeated, then Ryan should remain in this spot. By no means is Ryan an undeserving candidate though -- he has played extremely well this year, displaying the poise and leadership skills that this team needs. Ryan gets a chance to really showcase himself on October 25th when his Eagles travel to Virginia Tech in a game that will be nationally televised.
Next Game: October 25th at Virginia Tech

2. Andre’ Woodson, QB, Kentucky- Passing: 1,786 YDS, 21 TD, 4 INT, 63.7 CMP%
I don’t think anyone has championed for Woodson’s case more than myself so it pains me to put him in the number two spot. Woodson would appear to have all of the momentum following Kentucky’s win over LSU a week ago but don’t underestimate the power of an undefeated record. Woodson is arguably a better quarterback and possibly a better pro prospect than Ryan is but at the moment -- that is all moot. Should Woodson propel his Wildcats squad to victory over Florida this weekend, it might be enough to vault him back to the number one spot; especially with Boston College idle. Out of sight, out of mind for Matt Ryan.
Next Game: October 20th vs. Florida

3. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida- Passing: 1,455 YDS, 13 TD 3 INT, 65.5 CMP% Rushing: 500 YDS, 9 TD
If out of sight, out of mind is to be a minus for Matt Ryan this week, it may serve as a plus for Tim Tebow. Coming off a two-game losing streak, Tebow was able to sneak back into the Heisman race as people generally forgot that Florida has not won a game in almost a month. The game against Kentucky looms large this weekend as one of those two could see their Heisman hopes, as well as their SEC championship hopes, disappear right before their very eyes.
Next Game: October 20th at Florida

4. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma- Passing: 1,689 YDS, 20 TD, 4 INT, 70.7 CMP%
Can someone please explain why exactly Sam Bradford is getting zero Heisman love? His Numbers are just as good, if not better, than everyone listed above him yet his name is heard around these parts about as often as Drew Weatherford. The fact that he is a freshman should be an advantage and not a disadvantage because it makes all of what he is doing more impressive than anyone else listed here. His age will ultimately lead to his detriment, and it is a shame because he has been outstanding this year. Maybe next year Sam, or maybe the year after that when you are old enough for the voters.
Next Game: October 20th at Iowa State

5. Graham Harrell, QB, Texas Tech- Passing: 3,151 YDS, 31 TD, 3 INT, 74.4 CMP%

They say that the Heisman is a quarterback’s award and this year that could not be any more accurate. Harrell is putting up absurd numbers, thanks in part to the system and stud freshman receiver Michael Crabtree but neither of those things should take away from what he is doing. Perhaps even more impressive than his video game-esque numbers are the fact that his Red Raiders squad currently sits atop the Big 12 South with a 6-1 record. With games remaining at Missouri and Texas, followed up by a season finale against Oklahoma, he should get more than enough chances to prove that he is a worthy candidate.
Next Game: October 20th at Missouri

Maybe Next Week: Mike Hart, RB, Michigan; Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon; Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech