Wednesday, October 24, 2007




1. John Parker Wilson -
32-46 363 yards (career high) and three touchdowns: The Vols made him look like an NFL QB.
2. Mackenzi Adams - 8-16 123 yards: Not much, but he managed the game well for his first start.
3. Tim Tebow - 18-26 256 yards and four touchdowns: I think he is so big we ought to start calling him AT& Tebow.
4. Andre Woodson - 35-50 415 yards and five touchdowns: This guy is the real thing in case y'all didn't notice.


1. Arkansas'
two-headed monster of Darren McFadden and Felix Jones combine for 32 carries for 211 yards. Too bad that's all they have.
2. Tim Tebow 20 carries for 78 yards: Seems like he is this section every week.
3. Alabama Terry Grant 26-104: Helped his quarterback keeps the Volunteers off balance all day.


1. D.J Hall had 13 catches for 185 yards and two touchdowns:
It seemed like he had about twice that many yards as he caught anything and everything thrown his way.
2. LSU'S Early Doucet had 10 grabs for 182 yards: He showed how important he is the Tiger offense now that he is back.
3. Kentucky duo of Steve Johnson and Dicky Lyons each caught eight passes with Johnson getting 128 yards and Lyons getting 124 more.


1. How bout them Commodores:
The way they manhandled South Carolina and had seven sacks by seven players. They also had two interceptions both by D.J Moore. When they had every reason not to show up…they just outplayed Steve Spurrier’s highly touted defense by holding them to just 26 yards rushing on 22 carries on offense.
2. Heads up to the Bama defense: They may have allowed Tennessee to move the ball several times in the second half but they held them scoreless too.


1. LSU kicker Colt David
continues to come up big: He had three more field goals, but more importantly, started another LSU comeback with his sure foot


1. After a losing to Vanderbilt, Coach Spurrier said that the loss to Vandy should not be a surprise. I take it that he is giving them too much credit or not giving enough credit to his team. Before and during the season he kept preaching how his team was ready to compete for the East. Well make up your mind coach because I am sure you did not have the ‘Dores in mind when you said that. It is also the wrong message to send to his team if he wants to keep their confidence up the rest of the way. They have to go to Knoxville next week and Arkansas and they have not fared well there recently. On top of that, those games are followed by a visit from Florida. He better get that famous motivation speech ready, if he does not, what started as a promising season can sink fast.

2. What does it take to get Tennessee back to its winning ways? Definitely not the brand of football they are playing. When you are running the ball well you don't punt on fourth and one when you need points. You do not run a fourth stringer on third and two when you have guys in front of him getting the job done. At one point in the first half, the Vols had almost three times as many passes as they did runs. Didn't offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe say not too long ago that he would run more? Yet, he continues to pass. In the third quarter they were driving down when they faced third and eight and Erik Ainge made a huge pass for the first down. Next play is a run right? Not these days. Cutcliffe calls pass and the ball was picked off. That ended any hopes for the Vols. The Alabama players would later say they noticed the Vols had given up. Look folks this may be acceptable in other conferences but not in the SEC boys. Here is where the big boys play and if Phillip Fulmer and his staff don't put some fight into their troops the heat will come hard and fast. Rocky Top just ain’t taking it anymore and the call for his head is getting louder with each loss.

3. Last but not least let’s hear it for Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson. For so long the Vandy fans have suffered. They have been as patient as Chicago Cub fans. After losing in the closing seconds last week, Johnson put his teams’ character to the test. They could fold it up for the season or show themselves and the football world that winning ways at Vandy are here to stay. Johnson had it all when Jay Cutler took over and offered a glimmer of hope for a sorry program. Then they lose Cutler to the draft and instead of packing it in…the coach told his team that this was a new day. The Vanderbilt Commodores would no longer be the doormat of the SEC East. He worked tirelessly with his coaches and players so that they would believe in themselves. The results are clear. No longer can a team come to Nashville and just expect a win. He has taught his kids the art of winning and it's getting contagious. Four wins in the book with two more for a bowl game. Chances look good for Vandy and the future is now brighter thanks in part to a heck of a game day coach. So now the fans wait for what may be the best stretch run this school has ever seen and possibly that elusive bowl bid...................Hip Hip Hooray.