Saturday, September 8, 2007


Brian Y. Yu, The Student:

“Two nights ago, I was engaged in an ice-breaker (one of those cheesy, name-games you play with a group of people you first meet) for my campus job that was like musical chairs but without the music. With the chairs in a circle, facing inward, the odd-person-out would have to shout out a characteristic. If said attribute applied, you would have to stand and run to a different chair. One of the new employees found himself inside the circle and shouted, “…if you’re still upset about the Appalachian State game!” Out of fifteen participants, only six moved, including me. The others looked around and shrugged. A few didn’t even like college football. Others said that they were over it already. Even those who did move said that they were more upset that national title hopes were diminished than about the actual result. I guess in the land of Maize and Blue, a loss is a loss is a loss. Sure it’s a big loss, (D I-AA!) but let’s just hope it’s the only one for now.”

Brad Kurtzberg, The Alum:

“Michigan was out-coached yet again. Lloyd Carr just doesn't get the most out of his talent and for some reason, they cannot defend the spread offense to save themselves. They also seem to make too many mental errors under Carr and the lack of discipline costs them every year. Did I predict they would lose one of their early games at the last (NFL Draft Bible) meeting or what? (Yes he did) It's so frustrating sometimes. I think Carr is done unless he wins the Big Ten AND beats OSU.”