Monday, September 10, 2007

Florida 59- Troy 31


The Gators were a team of two halves on this day. They were unreal in the first half scoring on seven possessions and amassing 342 yards. Tim Tebow looked every bit what he was advertised to be. He had a look in his eyes in the first half that left him in the second half. The offense could do no wrong. In the second half, they totaled 139 yards and fumbled two receptions, including one by wide receiver Bubba Caldwell, as well as two sacks allowed and a few three and outs. Penalties also hurt the Gators as they racked up nine for a total of 87 yards. Still the Gators showed their might when it counted. Return man Brandon James found all kinds of holes with chunks of yardage between them. He is the kind of weapon a team needs to get good field position after a return. Cornelius Ingram had a nice night with seven catches for 105 and a touchdown. Troy came out on fire in the second half and showed no fear. They cut the deficit a few times in the second half but Tebow eventually put them away. Next up for Florida is Tennessee and the Gators are filled with confidence…or could it be overconfidence?