Monday, September 10, 2007

Kentucky 56-Kent St. 20


The Wildcats came out came out sluggish and gave Kent St. every reason to believe they could keep up with them. They were hand gifted three chances to blow the first half open but turned the ball over each time. They even racked up 215 first half yards against the Wildcat defense as they went into the half tied at 14 and that is when the fireworks began.

In the Kentucky locker room at halftime coach Rich Brooks blew a gasket and when asked what it measured on a scale of one to ten, linebacker Wesley Woodyard said “it was a 12”. When the Wildcats came out for the second half they were like a team possessed. They scored at will and put up 42 points. All week long, the press kept asking Brooks if his team might be looking ahead to Louisville, which he acknowledged might have been the case after the game. In the end, they ran away with it but not before a big scare from Kent St and a tongue lashing from their head coach.

Key Plays:

1. Kentucky’s Derrick Locke’s 67-yard touchdown run on second carry of his career.
2. Andre’ Woodson’s third quarter 51-yard touchdown pass to Keenan Burton.
3. Kent St runs out of time at the end of the first half before attempting a field goal.