Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heisman On Location: Tebow Takes It In Stride

During the Heisman Trophy ceremony, not only was Florida’s Tim Tebow candid about not expecting to go home with the big prize, but he was also genuinely proud of Mark Ingram’s tremendous accomplishment.

“We hung out a lot, me and Mark, and I was really proud of him…I offered some words of encouragement beforehand. He was a little bit nervous; he was doing a little bit of his pre-game [routine], shaking back and forth. We actually prayed together beforehand,” revealed the all-time college great. “He’s just a great kid. He’s just a kid you want to be around—I’m really happy for him.”

Tebow was ready to move on when responding to questions of his disappointing SEC championship loss only a week ago, and told reporters that he’s determined to use the setback as motivation going into Allstate Sugar Bowl versus the upstart Cincinnati Bearcats.

In looking ahead to the NFL, the charismatic field general said he was ready to tackle the professional ranks head-on by offering: “I look forward to the challenges, quite honestly. I look forward to starting something new, a new venture…a new challenge.”

“The obstacle of trying to play in the NFL and trying to play quarterback in the NFL…that’s something I look forward to. I relish the opportunity to go out and compete against the best in the world.”

Tebow also harkened back to the unforgettable experience of winning the Heisman Trophy two years ago.

“It was very special and a lot of fun. It was an opportunity to do that as a sophomore [when] you’re still new to this college thing a little bit, so I kind of know what Mark is going through. It’s something I’ll never forget. A lot of years…a lot of stuff goes on, but you’ll never forget that.”