Friday, September 5, 2008

Who is No. 1?


Well that was quick.

It only took one week for the USC Trojans to move into the number one spot in the AP polls, and keep in mind that neither Georgia nor Ohio State lost (or even broke a sweat in their respective match-ups). Georgia played lowly Georgia Southern and beat them down 45-21, with all of GSU’s points coming in the second half. Ohio State shut out dreadful Youngstown St. 43-0.

So why did these teams fall one position in the standings, and how was USC was able to leap-frog them in just one week?

The answer is quite simple actually. Both Georgia and OSU played home games against much weaker opponents. Both teams did what they were supposed to do; make these teams walk out of the stadium with their tails between their legs. But USC played on the road against a much more respectable opponent in Virginia, and they dominated them from start to finish.

Any questions of Mark Sanchez’s dislocated knee giving him problems were answered and seven, that’s right, seven different players got in on the scoring action for USC. It’s not just that USC dominated the game like Georgia and OSU, it’s that they did it by showing off their immensely deep and talented team. Voters got to see why USC is, and should be, number one in the polls because of their talent, depth, and speed.

So let’s dole out some kudos to the voters for making this bold, but somewhat controversial, move. For those who think the polls should have remained status quo, your time will come, and soon--in week three, OSU travels to USC to play the most hyped and anticipated game of the season.

Photo Credit: Sam Haythorn