Monday, October 5, 2009

On Location: WR Carlton Mitchell, USF

With 21 receptions, 377 yards and three touchdown grabs, Carlton Mitchell leads the Bulls in all major receiving categories. The junior had a career day at Syracuse with six catches for 139 yards and two touchdowns.

Last week was against Florida State and your next game is with Cincinnati. Was it hard to get up for this game?

It wasn’t hard. Even though Florida State was a big win, it was big for the program. We made history and everything. But for the most part, this is the Big East and that’s our main goal. It’s what we worked on during the summer, coming out and getting the win in our Big East opener.

What did you talk about at halftime?

There’s a lot of emotion going on. There’s a lot of people who stepped up. Coach [Jim] Leavitt got real hyped and got us going. We decided we’ve got to work, so let’s go out and play our game.

Talk about the way you started the second half.

We knew as an offense, as a team really, somebody needed to come out and make a big play to get the team going. It was a close game and we needed to get things going, whether it was me or someone else. The play just happened to come to me and I stepped up.

How much momentum did you have after the 85-yard touchdown?

I think it helped set the tone and the tempo. It helped both our defense and our offense and after that, things just starting rolling.

Can you just talk about B.J. Daniels and how impressed you are about a freshman stepping in as he has?

I’m very impressed. He’s come in…he’s composed, he watches film like twice a day whether it’s before class or after class. He is doing so good and he doesn’t have a big head or nothing. He’s been relaxed and doing big things for us.

How about the second touchdown pass?

It was a goat. I had a go route and as soon as I took off, he turned his hips. He was peeking so I knew if I turned a certain way I could get him kind of turned around a little bit. Then I just took off. It’s all about film work and knowing how the opponents play.

Daniels mentioned the same thing, about the peeking. Is that something you’re already on the same page about and building chemistry on?

As a quarterback and a receiver, you’ve got to be on the same page. It’s all about film work and how well you know your opponent.

Photo Courtesy of USF Athletics Communications