Monday, October 5, 2009

On Location: QB B.J. Daniels, USF

The freshman quarterback out of Tallahassee has led the USF Bulls to wins in his first two starts, including their Big East opener over the Syracuse Orange in the Carrier Dome.

How about that first play of the second half (an 85-yard touchdown pass)?

Coach was real vocal with us at halftime. You know how Coach Leavitt gets. So you know, he wanted us to really start off strong. On the play, I saw the corner peaking and I threw it up to [Carlton] Mitchell. He made a real good catch and a good run to score the touchdown.

How important was the second half start?

Very important. We talked about it in the offensive meetings, how we wanted to come out fast and put points on the board. For him [Mitchell] to get loose was big and he made a big play. That was huge for us.

What was it about the beginning of the game (five turnovers, in five minutes by both teams), was it nervousness?

I don’t know what it was. Five turnovers in the first five minutes…I wouldn’t say it was nerves, but I guess our focus wasn’t all the way there.

Can you talk about keeping your mistakes limited, going on the road and keeping your composure?

Coach [Jim Leavitt] always told me a good quarterback focuses on not making mistakes. It’s not just making all the big plays; it’s doing the little things and doing the smart things.

Talk about Mike Ford and how he ran the ball today…

He did good. Mike’s back, he’s a fiery guy.

How hard is he to tackle?

It’s hard, he’s bigger than me and he’s tough to tackle. He’s a great running back.

When it’s fourth and five and you get the call to go for it, how much confidence does that give you?

A lot, a lot. It gives a lot of confidence to me and my offense as well. He [coach Leavitt] thought we could get it done.

Was it hard for you running with so many defenders in the box? Were you taken out of your normal rhythm?

No not at all, I sat back there and just waited for things to open up and my teammates to do something for me.

Were you more comfortable this week than you were last week in Tallahassee?

I don’t know. This is the Big East. It’s real important to us. I guess I was more comfortable. I was very comfortable last week but this week I finally knew what I could do.

Photo Courtesy of USF Athletics Communications