Sunday, February 22, 2009

What’s up with PSU Ends? Their Weight

Aaron Maybin – We knew he was going to come into the draft as a DE/LB hybrid due to his size, but Maybin seems to have focused on adding bulk to take on his future role in the NFL. Maybin’s college days saw him wearing smaller sizes, but he feels better prepared moving forward at a heavier weight.

“I came in and gave them [teams] what they wanted to see. For most people they wanted to see me put on some weight,” Maybin said. “I had played my last year at Penn State around 230…so I went to work and put on 20 pounds and I feel good right now.”

Further, Maybin says his weight will possibly change again based on the system he joins.

“I will stay at this weight until the draft and based on what system I [get drafted in to] I will either move up or down based on what they want.”

Despite his increased bulk, Maybin affirms that he remains an athlete and describes himself as someone who brings, “athleticism, hard work, and desire.” One year of college stats isn’t much to hang your hat on, but it seems Maybin is doing (adding weight) and saying the right things to keep everyone’s brows raised.

Maurice Evans – Evans, like his former teammate, Maybin trained at Power Train Sports in Lancaster, PA, and beefed up from 252 lbs to a stalky 274 lbs (6’ 1”). When asked if he felt size would be a problem at the next level, “No, when you turn on the film I can play.”

His muscle gain seemed serendipitous, “That’s the way it put on a couple pounds of muscle.”