Sunday, February 22, 2009

On Location: On The Down Low

Running back PJ Hill played at Wisconsin under the “brats and cheddar” diet and was often criticized that his shape through the hips wasn’t exactly running back-friendly. Hill admitted almost sheepishly that by season’s end he was approaching 240 pounds, and eventually resisted the ill-fated label of “fat kid at camp” when he arrived at his pro workout facility Performance Management Professionals.

“That’s a big surprise for a lot of people,” Hill joked as he announced his size, which is now down to a cruiser-weight of 222 pounds. “My agent told me a lot of teams were saying I was coming in big and lazy…I was always a big back. I just wanted to show them [teams] that…I was a hard worker, I can get toned, I can work hard, lose weight.” If all works out according to plan, Hill expects his 40-time to be in the low 4.5’s or in the 4.4’s. That would be the right type of gain for Hill.

Michigan defensive end Tim Jamison weighed in at 256 pounds, a number that clearly surprised some. His playing weight exiting Ann Arbor was 263 pounds so this could be a potential sticking point as we march towards the draft. Is he defensive end or an outside linebacker? Or a ‘tweener? Where will he be in April and will teams know enough in advance to gauge him appropriately as a future NFL baller?